How to Write LLC on a Business Card

When you establish an LLC for your new business, you want your business name to be unique and aligned with your mission, and a great way to do it is with a business card. However, it does not end up just choosing the name. There are a lot of other tasks that you must do to attract customers.

Once you choose a name, you have to conduct an LLC business name research to ensure that no one has ever used the same name before, and you can officially register it as your business name.

After that, you need to show your company’s name in every case properly, be it a website, logo, or business card.

While you think about a good presentation of your company’s name, a question may pop up in your mind. Is it necessary to use LLC on your business card?

We will answer it in today’s article. So stay tuned and learn the correct way to write LLC on the business card.

What Does LLC With Your Company Name Show?


Having LLC with your business/company name is essential from many perspectives.

The first benefit is that the owner keeps his personal assets separate from the company in LLC structured business. In this way, he protects his assets if the company faces any debts or other problems.

Another very valuable use of LLC in the company’s name is that customer trusts your business more. In this digital world, starting a business is not a big deal. Anyone can launch a website and call it a business.

But a business with legal certification helps you build trust and credibility among your customers. It shows your customers that you have legally formed a business.

When to Use LLC

It’s advisable to use LLC in your business name in legal documents, legal records, financial statements, invoices, contracts, leases, tax returns, letterheads, etc.

However, if we look at advertising and marketing, you are not bound to use LLC, such as logos. Else, you can use the DBA name for marketing purposes.

A business card must include LLC in a business name. It’s because the business card represents your brand and tells your clients about your company. So, it must inform the clients that you are an LLC.

Things to follow while writing an LLC on a Business Card

Person giving his business card

If you write LLC in your business name, the most common form will be LLC. But it can be somewhat different in different states. You may see it registered as Limited Liability Co.,” “Limited,” or “L.C.C..” Some things you must keep in mind while writing are:

Comma before LLC

States don’t mandate you to add a comma or not between your company title and LLC designation.

With that being said, many business owners prefer their company name set apart from LLC designation by a comma.

So, if a company name is James Coffee, you can write it as “James Coffee, LLC” or “James Coffee L.L.C.”


If you decide to use a comma after your company’s name, make sure to always use a comma after the company name in all of your documents and business cards.

Period after LLC

Your business card is a formal way of representing your brand details. So, you should use a period after the company’s name. Rarely you will see a case where the period is not used after the business name.

For example, you can write it as Inc., LLC. Or L.L.C.