If I Owe State Taxes, Will They Take My Federal Refund?

Most Americans expect a tax refund from the IRS after they file their tax returns. If your income tax return has not yet arrived, there is a possibility that the government has delayed it. If you owe federal or state taxes, the IRS can seize some or all of your

Does the IRS Process Tax Returns on Weekends?

You are not alone in filing the tax returns and hope to get the quickest refunds. As hundreds of people file in a specified period of time, you should be ready to practice some patience. The IRS cannot process your tax return without a thorough audit. It takes time to

What Type of Information does the IRS have about my Bank Accounts?

The IRS already has a lot of information about your financial accounts. If required, they can get more information about your bank accounts and funds present in your accounts. However, IRS receives most of the information from the following sources: Your information statements, such as Forms W-2, Form 1099 that

An Overview of What Happens When IRS Accepts Your Returns

Indeed, most of you must have thought about “What does it mean when the IRS accepts my tax returns?” There is more to the IRS acceptance status than you know; in reality, it is only just the first step of claiming your refund. If you didn’t know, there is an

When and Why Banks Report Check Deposits to IRS

While you are filing for a tax return, you might want to ensure it is as precise and complete as possible to prevent Internal Revenue Service’s penalties and audits. If the data you report on your tax return fails to match your bank records, you should be concerned; unintentionally or intentionally,

IRS Form 6251 Instructions

Form 6251 is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax form that helps determine the alternative minimum tax (AMT) amount that a taxpayer owes. It is the additional tax that one has to pay along with regular tax. As per the instructions of Form 6251, taxpayers who have high incomes can

If i have a Payment Plan with the IRS will they take my refund?

In recent times, late payment taxes are being handled and are monitored through Internal Revenue Services (IRS). One has to act proactively and negotiate a payment plan in case there are late tax payments and one is unable to timely carry out their taxation or the tax falls out of their