Making an Early Withdrawal from 401(k): A Comprehensive Guide

Building up a nest egg for a secure future is a common goal for most individuals. One of the popular ways to save for retirement in the US is through a 401(k) plan. However, life often throws curveballs, leading to financial circumstances that may force you to tap into these

How To Write A Demand Letter For Payment: All That You Want to Know

Does anybody owe you money? Do you want to go to court to sort out the dispute? Why don’t you write a demand letter to handle the matter on your own? A demand payment letter notifies the company or the individual that you consider taking legal action against them. Most

How Much are AMEX Points Worth?

Getting a credit card is one of the great things that can happen to you, and if you get one from American Express, things can get even better. There are services that different financial companies have to benefit the consumer, and AMEX points are one of them. The American Express

Getting Electronics with “Buy Now, Pay Later” system

Buying electronic items nowadays, beyond being something most of us like, has become a necessity. Whether you work from home or not, having a computer or cellphone at your disposal is very important to your work life. However, acquiring them is not always so easy due to their price. “Electronics

How to retire on $200,000 inheritance?

One of the things that we can repeatedly think about (although not very often) is our retirement. Although we are young and many years away from it, we tend to think about how we would like it to be. After working for our entire lives, we would like a quiet

Can Stimulus Checks be deposited on Emerald Cards?

Stimulus checks have been used for a considerable time in our country. In 2008, during the Great Recession, Stimulus checks played a very important role in boosting the economy; the Obama administration saw an advantage to use them as a tool to prevent unemployment rates from rising sharply. Currently, we

Transferring your Health Saving Account Funds to another Source

Are you considering moving your Health Saving Account (HSA) from one provider to another? Although there isn’t any standard to be followed, most providers offer rollover or transfer facilities for HSA funds transfer. So, you have got two options. Either you can roll your funds to a new provider or make

How Much Retirement Savings Do I Need to Retire Comfortably?

With every passing day, your concern about not having enough savings in your retirement will be increasing. You must be worried about not having enough money saved to live a standard life. Well, you are not alone in this. According to the published Federal Reserve Report on Economic Well-Being of

5 ways to check if a savings bond has been cashed

In 1935, President Franklin Roosevelt authorized the United States Department of the Treasury to issue savings bonds. They are commonly used as a secure investment since they are backed up by the government credit; this means that investors will have full assurance to receive their money. In general, these bonds

Easy steps to calculate credit card interest in Excel

A credit card is a widely used payment tool that allows us to “borrow” money from the bank, pay for items or services we want, and then pay it back with an additional amount called interest. However, the annual interest rate on credit cards can be high; and, although many