Can My License Be Suspended For An Unpaid Insurance Claim?

A suspended license is usually temporary, and it can be reinstated once legal fees are paid or the suspension time expires.

Under some situations, motorists can appeal the suspension to seek a hardship license or have it restored early. However, many drivers ignore the law and keep driving irrespective of the security of others.

But here is a question: Why is the license of a driver suspended? Can License Be Suspended For An Unpaid Insurance Claim or not? Well, there are many reasons for which a license can be suspended, and an unpaid insurance claim is one of the primary reasons.

To know more about the suspended license, its reasons, side effects, or restoration, you can read further.

Why Can a Driver’s License Be Suspended?


An insurance provider can provide the information about an incident or penalty to the Department of Transportation (DoT), which may result in a license suspension. An insurance company cannot suspend a driver’s license, but a court or government licensing agency has the authority to suspend a driver’s license.

When your license is suspended, you cannot operate a motor vehicle for a specified period. Under different state legislation, it can be suspended or revoked for unpaid insurance claims or other causes, such as:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Driving without insurance is a serious offense
  • Having an excessive number of traffic offenses
  • Making a forged driver’s license application
  • Using your driver’s license for a prohibited reason.

Unlicensed Drivers Are Becoming More Prevalent

According to alarming figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 10% of Florida’s 10 million road users have canceled their licenses. Thousands of unlicensed drivers violate the law every day, putting your safety at risk.

When uninsured drivers cause accidents, they are frequently found to be driving without insurance. If the victims do not have unlicensed driver protection in their insurance scheme, which is not required in some countries, they may suffer injuries and be obliged to pay for all medical expenses out of cash.

Protect Yourself From Unlicensed Drivers

Being hit by another driver is stressful enough, but imagine realizing the at-fault driver is also unlicensed and uninsured. You may be able to recover part of your medical expenses and missed pay through your medical negligence protection policy. Nevertheless, keep in mind that, depending on the plan, these regulations have limitations.

If your damages surpass your insurance policy’s coverage, you may also want to consider claiming a personal injury assert against the person who caused an accident. You might be able to get compensation instead of:

  • Both present and future medical bills Costs of ongoing rehabilitation
  • Cash that has been lost reduced earning potential
  • Trauma to the mind Suffering and Unjust pain death

Perhaps if you have been wounded in a car accident caused by an unlicensed driver, seeking legal advice from a car accident personal injury attorney might be a beneficial first step.

Hire A Personal Injury Attorney To Assist You With Your Case

If you or a beloved one has been hurt by a driver who opted to drive without the need for a license, contact a personal injury attorney who can assist you in getting your life back in order.

For prompt legal assistance, call the law firms immediately for a free replacement evaluation. If you were physically affected by an accident caused by an uninsured driver, their injury experts would assist you in comprehending your legal options.

The Threat From The Insurance Company – Some Pieces Of Advice

When you receive a message threatening you and demanding repayment of the loan, you should send a letter to the “collections” agency demanding proof of the debt by registered letter with return receipt requested. It will be unable to give proof because there is no genuine debt at this time, only allegations that you owe this payment from an insurance provider.

The insurance companies do not consider who was to blame for the incident or any other contracts you may have made. Do not be alarmed if you get a letter demanding payment and claiming to have your driver’s license suspended if you do not.

The Department of Public Health by state cannot suspend your driver’s license until you have been prosecuted and a formal judgment has been entered against you.