How Often do Car Insurance Companies Check Your Driving Record?

It is no surprise that your insurance company needs the information about your driving record. When you decide on the insurance plan that you want, you will have to provide details about yourself, but another type of documentation they will evaluate before approving the plan is this record.

It is a document that shows your driving history throughout the years and other details of your vehicle. You cannot escape this, as all insurance companies check your driving record; however, depending on the state you are in, the process can be different. Either way, they normally check for the last 3 years when your insurance was confirmed.

There are a few reasons why your insurance company might want to go through your driving record again, that is why in this article we will present you the reasons for them to examine it once more, as well as how it can change because of your actions.

The specific content of your driving record


Like we said at the beginning, it contains information about the driver and his time navigating in the vehicle. But you have to know that it also contains all types of infractions that you have got, from a speeding ticket to a DUI (Driving Under the Influence); these can damage your reputation, and make the insurance process harder.

These next pieces of information are present in a driving record:

  • Name, gender, age, address, and other personal data.
  • Type of car, model, and license plate.
  • Information regarding the driver’s license.
  • Speeding or traffic tickets, as well as other traffic infractions.
  • Car accidents or misbehavior.
  • Suspension and revocation of driver’s license, and even DUIs.

On the other hand, if you present good behavior in your driving record, then you will not have to pay a high rate for the insurance. On the other hand, if you have bad behavior during your past years as a driver, you will be presented with a higher rate than usual.

Is there a way to check my driver’s history?

Yes, you can ask for a copy of your driving record at your local DMV or with an auto insurance agent. Either way, you should know what information the report possesses, that way you can face your insurance company in case of a change of policy or any other reason.

Remember that they normally check your driving from the last 3 to 5 years, but they can go even beyond as of 10 years in the past (if applies). But you must keep track of your driver’s history, as your report can possess mistakes.

For example, if your driving record says that you got a speeding ticket on a certain date, but you have evidence that you did not go out that day, then an error must have occurred. These are not that common, but can still occur.

Talk to your local DMV, then present documentation that can support your claim, and ease your problems. Proving that you are a careful driver and want to make things right can help you with your insurance plans.

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Situations where your insurance company can review your driving record

First of all, your insurance company can check the reports at any time. They can review whether you have been a good driver or you have acted recklessly. But there are specific instances where they want to examine your driving record. These can be:

  • Renewal of policy. Normally you need to renew your insurance policy every 6 or 12 months. This is the chance for the company to check your driving record.
  • Changing your insurance policy. If you are going to add another driver, change the coverage amount or put another car or address in the policy, your record will be pulled up for review. Even the smallest change can trigger your insurance to check your record because they do not want to provide an inaccurate quote.
  • Verifying any error. As we said above, if there is any mistake or something that does not match with your copy, you have to present it to check your driving record. Once it is updated, you should contact your insurance company about the recent change.