Does the IRS Process Tax Returns on Weekends?

You are not alone in filing the tax returns and hope to get the quickest refunds. As hundreds of people file in a specified period of time, you should be ready to practice some patience. The IRS cannot process your tax return without a thorough audit.

It takes time to process your tax returns before refunding. Moreover, the method you chose also affects the delivery time of your payment.

Currently, 90% of tax returns are filed electronically. Therefore, we can expect that IRS employees will spend less time on data entry and utilize it to check and approve the tax returns.

IRS tax returns processing on weekends


During the tax season, the IRS does not follow the regular schedule of Monday through Friday and operates seven days of the week. Their regular employees have proper schedules to follow, but they can also work overtime if their supervisor allows.

To overcome the burden and manage things neatly and quickly, the company also hires seasonal employees. Workers even modify their work schedules and divide their working hours in morning and night shifts to keep the office running 24/7.

During the tax season, the office remains open seven days a week. The IRS processes the tax refunds even on the weekends. It would be right to say that employees work hard and 24 hours a day to process tax returns efficiently.

Where’s my refund?

Even on weekends, taxpayers inquire about their refund status. If you want to keep track of your refund, you can use the “Where’s My Refund?” tool to check your refund status.

Those who file electronically can know their refund status after 24 hours when the IRS receives an e-file. Paper mailers have to wait for 4 weeks to see the status of their refund.

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Three ways for tax refund

The IRS can send you refunds in three ways. It depends on you what method you prefer to get your refund. You can choose direct deposit to receive your amount in your account directly or receive it in the mail. You can also purchase a US savings bond from the IRS equal to your tax refund amount.

Every year the IRS releases a schedule of estimated refund dates based on the days when your tax return is accepted. If you choose to get a refund through direct deposit, you will likely receive it within eight to fifteen days. If you select paper check mail, it will take significantly longer, approximately a month.

As you are curious to know when you will receive your refund, many questions will be popping into your mind. You must be asking how the refund process operates and whether the IRS process tax returns on weekends?

  • Paper mail return: Before electronic filing was introduced, IRS issued tax returns in the mail. The IRS was using a machine that can sort out the mails. After that, employees can manually enter the checks for deposits, and each prepared mail was stamped for easy identification.

All the information was then manually entered into the computer and checked for accuracy. Once their status is cleared, the refund emails were issued. That lengthy procedure of manually entering the data and verifying the refunds is the main reason for the late arrival of paper check mail.

  • Electronic return: Presently, the most widely used way is electronic returns. One can file his tax returns either from the IRS tax website or by using tax software.

Employees no longer have to enter the data about the incoming mails manually. Instead, they verify every case for a final refund. Once verified, the electronic refund can be issued.