Can you be fired without being told? – Steps to take care of

When an employee is terminated or fired, the employer must not give advance notice to the employee unless the employee is covered by a personal contract with his employer or employees.

I will discuss what should be done after getting fired or terminated. Now a question arises.

Is employee firing illegal without warning?


No, it is not generally considered illegal to fire an employee without warning. However, this mainly depends on the employment contract you signed with the employer.

Most employees are considered workers, and in this case, the employer can terminate you without warning unless it is illegal. Your manager does not want an excellent purpose to remove you.

At-will employees may have to leave at any time without cause and with or without notice. Employers can also fire for no reason without purposeful agreement.

However, the country can vary on the process of termination from employment, and therefore it is essential to research the regulations in your local government or State.

The State may provide additional protection for an employee who was fired without warning. However, if a written employment contract provides job security, it cannot be considered willful employment. Therefore, the employer must follow the conditions described explicitly in the agreement.

If the contract states that the employer cannot fire you without warning, it will be illegal to do so; you should know your rights beforehand to protect yourself. The terms of the agreement must be agreed upon by both sides.

Keep in mind that there may also be a valid verbal contract if the employer promised the employee verbally but did not get the opportunity to give it to you in writing.

If you have a valid verbal contract, it will help you reach out to an employment lawyer to find your local State’s law.

Should I hire an employment lawyer if I got fired without warning?

If you believe that the company fired you illegally, it may help consider the type of contract you have with your employer. It can guide in determining if an incorrect termination has happened.

If there is any indication of an illegal reason by the employer to justify the ending, seeking an employment lawyer will help you develop a case against the employer.

You might take the company to court only if any contract was there beforehand.

Do’s and Don’ts after getting terminated

Whenever someone loses their job, it is a challenging, emotional experience, whether the person realizes it or not. It is easy for someone to rip off some tweets or Facebook status complaining about the company or the situation in social media time. While this may seem like a good outlet at the moment, I can assure you that it is not.

It is an example of what you should not do if you are in such a situation. I will explain to you that what are the do’s and don’t after you get fired.

  • Avoid burning connection

You never know when a connection you have developed with someone in your previous job will come back into your life. Depending on how you leave the company, your future success can be significantly affected.

By publicly defaming former associates and the company, any connection can be destroyed, making the situation worse. When you start your next job search, you never know when you will need a reference. It is not worth the temporary satisfaction of the social media outburst.

While it is common to feel angry towards your previous employer, the way you manage your emotions is essential during this time. You don’t know when you need your colleague to help you in finding new jobs or work.

  • Pick your fight (Think twice)

Whether you see it or not, getting fired looks like someone betrayed you by the company you worked for some time. There are different grounds for termination, and each case varies greatly, but somebody can take legal action.

“Many people got fired because they were lagging on projects or their relationship with the boss was not good at all; at last, you can’t take legal action against an organization based on a person who doesn’t like you.”

It is better to be on the safer side in these cases, better to move on because a company can do anything to revive its image.

Filing a wrongful termination lawsuit can be an oily slope. Somebody can take out the process, and it can lead to the loss of thousands of dollars in attorney fees, which, depending on the outcome, may end up being nothing. Employment lawyers suggest that you choose your fight and file a lawsuit only if you have a valid claim against the employer.

  • Start Again (Be Positive)

Take time and come over of the regret or rejection and that emotional phase. Once that has passed, it is time to re-strengthen and re-focus in search of a new opportunity.

Getting rid of your duties can be a blessing in disguise that a new option may be what you needed. From seeing this experience as a life lesson, many positives can come from it.

Work on your weakness again and again until it becomes your strength.