Why and How to Get a Duplicate Walmart Receipt

So, you bought something at Walmart, but due to some carelessness, you lost your receipt. Do not worry! You can get a duplicate receipt in this case.

There can be many reasons you would want to get one, especially and if you have bought something very valuable and expensive. This duplicate comprises the same elements and is a ditto copy of your original purchase receipt. 

Still, a lot of people wonder if it is possible to get a duplicate Walmart receipt. Fortunately, the big retailer offers an array of options to quickly get one. Without wasting any time, let’s check them out. 

Why would you need a Duplicate Walmart Receipt?


supermarket receipt

Here are a few reasons why you might be interested in knowing how and where to get a duplicate receipt from Walmart. 

  • Maybe you need to return what you bought and need a handy receipt to initiate and deal with the process.
  • Perhaps you gifted something to a friend or family member, but they wish to return or exchange it.
  • Maybe you want to maintain a record of all your receipts, but you cannot find the receipt for something you bought at Walmart.
  • Possibly you always scan your receipts every month to keep track of savings, but you have somehow lost this one.

Returns are among the most frequent reasons when the need to get a duplicate receipt from Walmart arises. If you do not have the receipt for what you bought, you will most likely receive a Walmart Gift Card for the return.

On the contrary, if you have paid cash for your item and have a receipt at hand, you will most likely get your money upon return. Additionally, if you used a credit card for payment and have the receipt, you can get your amount refunded straight on your credit card in most cases. 

Simply put, the chances and options of getting back your return refund are higher when you do have your Walmart purchase receipt. 

How to obtain a Duplicate Receipt from Walmart

There are numerous options at hand for you to get your duplicate receipt for Walmart. Before moving on, you should know it will be much easier for you to acquire the purchase receipt if the payment was made through a credit card. 

If you used a gift card, debit card, or cash for payment, you still have a few options left. Nowadays, you can even purchase products in Walmart with checks, you just have to provide a photo ID that matches the name on the check and then pass a third-party verification. If you do not want to pay with a check, but you need cash instead, then it is crucial to know where can I cash a check.

Nonetheless, in the future, you should always consider using a credit card to make your payments to ease the process of acquiring duplicate Walmart receipts. Here are some of the options you have:

Use the Walmart Receipt Locator Tool Online

The Walmart store provides a receipt locater tool online, which more commonly goes by the name of Receipt Lookup service.

It is a relatively simple system that enables you to find and download your receipt. All it takes is a few simple steps like:

  • Visit the Walmart Receipt Locator Tool
  • Enter the Walmart store’s location that you bought the item from. This includes mentioning the city and the state.
  • Enter the date on which you made the purchase.
  • Add the total amount of the receipt you seek (you can quickly get this information and the date of purchase from your credit card statement).
  • Enter the last 4 digits of the credit card you used. 
  • Through the receipt locator tool, you can find the receipt copy. 

Walmart Receipt lookup website

Next, you can simply download the receipt and print it. Now, you have the Walmart duplicate receipt at hand for your returns and exchanges, records, or whatever purpose you needed the receipt copy for. 

Use Your Online Account at Walmart.com

If you purchased a product online instead of from the physical store, you can visit the official site and go to your online account to print the receipt and get a duplicate. Just fetch the details of the online purchase in your order history. Expand it to get the complete information. 

Next, just print the receipt from your computer. In the future, it might be beneficial for you to know that all of your Walmart receipts for in-store purchases can be stored in your online account. You can do this in two ways. 

  1. Scan the QR code from the receipt during the time of buying, and then add it to your purchase history on the Walmart App.
  2. Link your contact number with your online account on Walmart.com. Then just enter that number when your items are being checked out. Conversely, you can also use the Walmart Pay feature with your phone number or shop for items using a credit card that is stored in your online account.

These options will store and secure your in-store receipts online. You can easily print copies of your receipts whenever you require them.

Call the Walmart Customer Care/Hotline

You can use the Walmart Electronics Payment Hotline (1-800-925-6278) to get a receipt copy for the items you bought via a debit or a credit card. The information you will be needing are as follows:

  • The date of purchase.
  • The store’s location where you purchased the item from.
  • The complete numbers of the credit or debit card you used to make the payment for the purchase.
  • A fax machine to receive the Walmart duplicate receipt. 

Visit the Walmart Store

The last way to acquire a copy of your receipt from Walmart is to visit the store’s customer service counter. You will need to go to the same location where the purchase was made.

Like the other methods, you will need to provide them the date of the purchase and the credit card information used to make the purchase. After providing them this information, they will print out a duplicate Walmart receipt for you.