How to cancel a Macy’s credit card?

Macy’s is a department store in the United States of America, founded in 1829 by businessman Rowland Hussey Macy. Its headquarters in New York City have been the largest store in the world for almost a century; it also operates in popular and influential areas of 45 states of the country, with a total of 810 branches.

Some of the benefits that offers to its customers are the Macy’s credit card and the Macy’s American Express card.

Now, if you already have any of these Macy’s credit cards and for some reason you decide to cancel it, in this article, we will explain how to do it.

Bill payment cancellation


The first thing you have to do is cancel Macy’s bill payment service.

  • Go to Macy’s official website and sign in with your personal data (email address and password).
  • Now, in your profile, click on “My service.”
  • Then, look for the option “Cancel your service”; click there, and you will see the cancellation confirmation page.
  • Finish by clicking where it says “Yes” to confirm that you are sure about canceling it.

Credit card cancellation by phone

Then, you must contact the customer service number located on the back of your credit card and request the Macy’s operator to leave your account without effect immediately.

The employee will ask you for information to confirm your identity, usually your Social Security number and date of birth.

After that, you may also want to send a letter to Macy’s credit card customer service; in it, you must describe the phone conversation, and include your name, address, and account number.

macy's credit card

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Considerations when canceling your Macy’s credit card

About the benefits

This card rewards frequent shoppers on future purchases because of their loyalty to the store, so if you cancel it, you will lose these benefits too.

However, besides the discounts and promotions, you must pay a maintenance fee every month, like the vast majority of credit cards.

On the other hand, by canceling your card, you will not be able to make online purchases or even review your payment record. And, if you decide to use Macy’s Online Bill Payment again, you will have to register and configure your billing accounts from scratch.

But if you think that without this card you cannot make any more purchases, you are wrong. Macy’s also offers different types of payment that you can use, such as sending your payment by mail or just using cash, debit cards, money orders, and checks. So, if you need to make a purchase with a check, then you should also understand where can I cash a check.

About the balance payment

These credit cards are issued by a major financial services company called Citigroup. This company manages and advises Macy’s in everything related to payments, credits, invoices, and many other things. This means that Macy’s is an organization that takes credit services very seriously.

To avoid an inconvenience when canceling your card, you should look for the balance of your Macy’s account before; review your account statement and pay what is owed before closing it.

Although it is possible to close the account with an outstanding balance, it is not recommended as you will continue to be responsible for the monthly charges of the amount you owe, and any other associated fees.

You can pay your Macy’s credit card balance online here: But, you also have other options to choose from: by phone, by mail, or even personally at any Macy’s store.

other ways to pay macy's credit card

In case you have further doubts about anything related to the credit card, you can always look at the Frequent Asked Questions section.

Final thoughts

We cannot take the use or disuse of credit cards lightly, not even with those that are very particular such as Macy’s.

All credit activity generates a big responsibility, so if saving money is your priority, you can not commit with these types of cards; the correct thing to do is to complete all the steps for the cancellation. I I I I