How to check if a USPS money order has been cashed

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a federal agency that provides an efficient, trustful, and direct delivery service to people and businesses all around the country.

If you live in the US, perhaps you have used this service at least one time, but if you have not, in this article, we will easily explain how to do it.

It is available in every location in the country, and although other companies offer the same service, USPS is the most used when people need to send money. Domestic orders have an amount limit of $1,000.00 and international orders $700.00.

Four ways to check a USPS money order


Let’s say that you sent a money order to someone who lives in a different state from yours, and maybe you are wondering if it was cashed or even if it was delivered.

Sometimes, your money order was opportunely delivered, but the person or business who received it has not processed it yet. So, you have four ways to proceed:


The official website of the USPS has an option to track your money order for free, so you do not need to go to the local post office. These are the specifics steps you need to complete to check it:

  • First, you need to know what your tracking number is. You can see it in the original money order as “serial number.”

USPS money order, serial number

  • Then go to and then enter your serial number, post office number, and issued amount. Usually, for domestics orders, the serial number is 11 digits long, and for international orders, 10 digits long.

checking usps online money order

  • Once you have entered the number, the next step is to click the “View Status” button, and it will automatically appear on your screen the status of your money order, including if it has been cashed or not.

Filling PS Form 6401

You can also make a money order inquiry in person. Go to your local post office and ask for the Form 6401; this is the formulary to obtain information about your order status.

You need to complete it, give it back to the agency staff, and then pay the fee, which is usually $5.00 or $6.00 (unless a bank or another financial institution completes the form).

If you decide to do it this way, if it was cashed, the USPS will send you a refund. But, you need to know that this tracking process can take 60 days until you get any information.

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Phone inquiry system

The USPS also provides a phone inquiry system. In case you have problems tracking your money order, call this number: 1-866-974-2733, and talk with the customer service representatives.

Tell them specifically what your issue is, and they will help you.

If you have other issues related to your money order, you can visit this link and find the exact contact number you need:

Usps contact information

Sending an email to the USPS

The last option you have to check your money order is to send an email. Here you can find all the addresses of the USPS:

By the time you write the email, make sure that you put all the essential information like your name, your address, phone number, and especially your money order’s serial number (this is very important).

You also have to write in the email that you are contacting them because you need information about your order. In case you do not have the serial number, call the same number we mention before, and they will inform you what to do in these cases.

These are great options that you can use if you want to send a money order through USPS, but if you want another alternative, you can try sending personal checks. In this case, the process to track a check is the same, but out of all these options, you cannot use Form 6401 as it is specially made for money orders.

On the other hand, besides knowing the tracking process, you must also know where can I cash a personal check.