How to Write a Mission Statement for a Business – Simple guide

A short statement that defines the existence of an organization is a mission statement. It includes the company’s goal, the operations, products, and services provided by the organization, who their customers are, and the targeted geographical location.

It also has a small manifesto that holds the company’s ideology, values, and work culture. This gives companies a positive push into the market against their competitors.

But maybe you are wondering how can you write a mission statement? In this article, you can start learning some useful advice and what you should not write in it.

Use of a mission statement


Mission statements are not only a simple description of an organization. This statement is also an influential remark by the organization’s leader and emphasizes their resolution and desires for the company.

Usually, these statements are not changed by the organizations. They are crafted with much thought and planning to communicate their purpose and mission objective.

It is also used to establish communication with customers, investors, employees, vendors, and further stakeholders. This statement not only defines a company but also defines the employees and the work culture perpetuated at the workplace.

Example of a mission statement

“Organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” is the mission statement of Google. Their statement clearly defines their purpose and sole mission.

They have managed to achieve it as well. So, they have stuck to their purpose and advanced as the technology did. In short, the mission statement is to surmise what an organization wishes to achieve.

The statement can evolve as the company grows and begins to aim higher. The mission statement also ensures that the company remains on the path it took so that they do not divert from their principle objectives.

It allows the company to find newer strategies to thrive in the market and push their product.

A mission statement is not a vision statement

A vision statement is quite different from a mission statement. The latter aids an organization in communicating with the market about its ambitions in a simple manner.

It does not elaborate too much. It is simply put forth with a phrase that aligns with the company’s values and purpose. However, vision statements are more focused on planning a strategy and discussion where the company wishes to be in the near future.

A fine example of vision and mission statement is Nike, whose vision statement is: “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world”. Whereas their mission statement is: “Do everything possible to expand human potential”.

What does a statement comprise of

If one wishes to draft a mission statement, there are several questions that they need to ask themselves.

  • For starters, we have the main objective of the company. Be concise on what the business is actually doing. This isn’t about solely focusing on the organization’s ambition and desires; it is also about the product that the company is planning to roll out into the market.
  • Sticking to short, crisp sentences to keep the readers focused and engaged. These lines capture the attention of the audience swiftly. For example, TED’s mission statement is: “Spread ideas”. Two words and the desire is communicated with all interacting with the company.

What separates an individual’s business from its competitors?

It can be hard to express the company’s desires using a fair few words. One needs to create visual imagery so that their customers can understand the expression and the meaning behind those words. Show don’t just tell.

How is the product useful for customers is the biggest selling point in a mission statement?

Avoid marketing cliches like Making the world a better place, The best of the best, etc. Make the customers understand how the product will be ideal for them, not how it may impact the world.

What to avoid in a statement

Don’t focus on changing the world. Focus on creating a place in the market first. If companies are not able to recognize their potential, it would be hard for them to convince consumers to become their customers.

Additionally, if a company cannot relay its core purpose directly, it will have trouble in getting investors, employees, and stakeholders.

These components will be hesitant to join a company that has not yet recognized its own influence in the market.

How to write a good statement for a business

Sorting all the ambitions in one statement may seem like an impossible task, but if one understands their market and their product extremely well, this shall help them in drafting a concise mission statement that will go with them in the long run.

  • To start with, one has to communicate what the company does. Taking the example of Tesla which produces electric cars, etc., keeping in mind the environmental needs by using sustainable energy sources. Their mission statement reads: To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.
  • Next up, define how the company helps the customers, meaning, define a quality or the means used to achieve the business goals. For example, ‘American Red Cross mission statement reads that they employ the power of ‘volunteers’ and depend upon the generosity of donors to help people suffering at the time of emergency.

The American Red Cross has clearly mentioned in their mission statement that they employ volunteers and donors to help the less privileged during emergencies and otherwise. They have also pointed out that it is the generosity of the people that allows them to achieve their goals.

Highlight the purpose 

The most important thing to keep in mind is to highlight why the business is doing what it is doing. This is the key point as it helps the investors, customers, and stakeholders understand why one’s business is important. It sets a business different from its competitors and gives them its Unique Selling Proposition.

An example of this can be Starbucks’ mission statement: To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time. Remember to keep the statement short. Edit it a hundred times if one has to. The amount of work put in a mission statement reaps back the benefits.

The catchier and crisp the statement is, the more interested the market will be. Once the statement is finalized, get it out there. Put it on the website, campaign advertisements, social media, and wherever else possible.