How to track a Western Union money order?

When you are sending or receiving a money order, the Western Union service provides many options to track the transfer and let you know if it has been sent, in process, available to collect or already cashed.

The main thing that facilitates this process is the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number). It is a 10 digits code delivered to the sender, which is necessary for the receiver to pick up the money.

In this article, we will show you all the different ways to track your money order or any other funds transfer made with Western Union.

Western Union Tracking Services


A money order is one of the easiest and quick ways to transfer funds using Western Union. Since this is a prepaid method, it takes no more than a few minutes for the money to be available for the receiver.

Although, if you do not like money orders and you want another option, then you could try using a check. For that, you will have to go to the bank and request a checkbook, then you can use it to pay for certain things. It is advisable that, if you want to give or receive this type of payment, you should know where can I cash a personal check.

Now, back to money orders, you can track your transfer status in all of the Western Union platforms. These are the methods:


The most direct and common way to track a money order is using the Track Transfer online service.

  • Go to the Western Union website and click on the “Track Transfer” section in the top menu.
  • Select if you are the sender or the receiver.
  • Enter your MTCN (tracking number), press continue, and follow the instructions.

western union track transfer for a money order

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Phone calling (available in the U.S.)

If you are in the U.S. and do not have a computer with you, or if you prefer talking to a representative, you can call this number: 1-800-CALL-CASH (1-800-2255-2274).

A person of the Western Union team will assist you and ask you for some information to track your money order, such as the MTCN and/or the sender’s phone number.

Visit a Western Union location

There are over 42.000 Western Union agent locations around the United States (500.000 worldwide). If you do not know where is the nearest one, you can look for it in the “Find Locations” section of the website.

Just specify the country and postal/ZIP code of the city where you are at.

western union find locations

The system will provide you with a list of all the agent locations in the area, with their corresponding address, phone number, working hours, and other useful information to get there.

Once you are in the WU location, you will have to provide the MTCN or sender’s phone number to track the status of your money order.

Mobile App

If you are a regular user of the Western Union services, you may want to download the WU mobile app on your smartphone o tablet.

Once in the app, go to the menu and select “Transfer”, complete the fields with the tracking number or sender’s phone number, the receiver country, transfer amount, and a security code that will display in the bottom part of the screen.

What if I do not have my MTCN number?

The MTCN is a tracking number that is shown on the transfer receipt and it should only be with the receiver for picking up the money.

However, if you miss it, you can go to the Track Transfer section and click the “Don’t know the MTCN?” blue button at the bottom.

  • Select if you are the sender or receiver.
  • Complete the fields with either the sender’s phone number or the sender and receiver names.
  • Select the receiver’s country.
  • Write the amount of money.
  • Optional: Write the date of transfer.
  • Click “Continue” and follow the instructions.

western union find MTCN

On the other hand, you can also contact the Western Union Customer Care by calling to: 1-800-325-6000 or go directly to your closest location. A representative of WU will guide you through the alternative process in case you do not have your MTCN.

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