Pros and Cons of Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance policy comes in various forms. The basic plan will only offer a few thousand dollars of lifetime coverage to cover a few hours a day. In contrast, extensive policies provide several hundred thousand dollars to cover an extended stay in a nursing home or residential facility. However,

List of Worst Long-Term Care Insurance Companies

No one wants to spend his retirement life in a long-term facility. However, the odds are that you will require some type of long-term care at old age. Statistics show that about 69% of people over 65 years of age will need long-term assistance from insurance companies. Long-term care provides

Calculating Capital Gains Tax on Sales of Property

If you ever bought assets at low cost and now they are worth more than what you paid for, you might be preparing to sell those assets. It feels incredible to get a high price for your investments. After all, the right property can be a source of revenue that

What is the 1040 extension?

Every beginning of the year, until the month of April, we must comply with our tax liability of filing and paying our federal taxes. But many times, the deadline is getting closer and we still don’t have our taxes ready, this is when we ask ourselves: what can we do?

How to find out if I owe the IRS money, online?

When tax season is coming, we know that we should keep our money to pay our IRS debts. Paying our taxes is a responsibility that we have as citizens and we must comply with our tax liability. Owing money to the IRS may become a situation that would affect our

How much interest does the IRS charge?

When we don’t fill out our tax returns or don’t pay on time, the Internal Revenue Service penalizes us and we must pay a penalty for non-compliance. It also works as an incentive for all taxpayers to fill out and pay their taxes on time since if they do not,

How to prove income without a paystub?

paystub sample|1099 Form sample

Throughout our lives and for many legal procedures we will need a document that proves our income, either to buy a house, a car or request a loan at the bank. This is very useful to demonstrate our ability to pay; we just have to show our paystub and that’s

Getting Electronics with “Buy Now, Pay Later” system

Buying electronic items nowadays, beyond being something most of us like, has become a necessity. Whether you work from home or not, having a computer or cellphone at your disposal is very important to your work life. However, acquiring them is not always so easy due to their price. “Electronics

How to retire on $200,000 inheritance?

One of the things that we can repeatedly think about (although not very often) is our retirement. Although we are young and many years away from it, we tend to think about how we would like it to be. After working for our entire lives, we would like a quiet

Can Stimulus Checks be deposited on Emerald Cards?

Stimulus checks have been used for a considerable time in our country. In 2008, during the Great Recession, Stimulus checks played a very important role in boosting the economy; the Obama administration saw an advantage to use them as a tool to prevent unemployment rates from rising sharply. Currently, we