How much interest does the IRS charge?

When we don’t fill out our tax returns or don’t pay on time, the Internal Revenue Service penalizes us and we must pay a penalty for non-compliance. It also works as an incentive for all taxpayers to fill out and pay their taxes on time since if they do not,

How to prove income without a paystub?

paystub sample|1099 Form sample

Throughout our lives and for many legal procedures we will need a document that proves our income, either to buy a house, a car or request a loan at the bank. This is very useful to demonstrate our ability to pay; we just have to show our paystub and that’s

Getting Electronics with “Buy Now, Pay Later” system

Buying electronic items nowadays, beyond being something most of us like, has become a necessity. Whether you work from home or not, having a computer or cellphone at your disposal is very important to your work life. However, acquiring them is not always so easy due to their price. “Electronics

How to retire on $200,000 inheritance?

One of the things that we can repeatedly think about (although not very often) is our retirement. Although we are young and many years away from it, we tend to think about how we would like it to be. After working for our entire lives, we would like a quiet

Can Stimulus Checks be deposited on Emerald Cards?

Stimulus checks have been used for a considerable time in our country. In 2008, during the Great Recession, Stimulus checks played a very important role in boosting the economy; the Obama administration saw an advantage to use them as a tool to prevent unemployment rates from rising sharply. Currently, we

Are Social Security Benefits taxed after age 66?

Throughout our lives, and depending on the jobs we have, we contribute to Social Security aspiring for benefits when we are seniors. Thanks to all the work we did in our youth, we will receive our retirement benefits. However, a very common question is whether we should pay taxes on

How do I contact the IRS customer service?

In all the countries of the modern world, taxes have been created as a form of income to the State, and for this purpose, governments should create an institution so they can administer this central activity. In our country, this institution is called the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), in addition

How can I get a discount on TurboTax?

Currently, there are a large number of websites that offer tools from calculators that help you estimate how much you could pay in taxes, to more specialized software services that provide you with personalized advice to fill out your tax returns. Intuit is a financial software company and one of

How long does a Father have to Establish Paternity?

father and son|father paternity rights

The term paternity refers to asserting being someone’s father or Fatherhood. Paternity tests are done to determine a child’s father. The identity of the father must be conclusively proved immediately. This ensures that the father gets to visit his child or establish paternity. It is also for allowing the father’s

Getting a Property Tax Bill with Escrow Accounts

Escrow accounts are very helpful for homeowners to set aside some money every month to pay property taxes and other insurance premiums. Since it’s challenging to arrange a bigger amount at once, escrow accounts act as money-savers, and mortgage lenders use this money to cover all such payments. But, what