How to prove income without a paystub?

paystub sample|1099 Form sample

Throughout our lives and for many legal procedures we will need a document that proves our income, either to buy a house, a car or request a loan at the bank. This is very useful to demonstrate our ability to pay; we just have to show our paystub and that’s

How long does a Father have to Establish Paternity?

father and son|father paternity rights

The term paternity refers to asserting being someone’s father or Fatherhood. Paternity tests are done to determine a child’s father. The identity of the father must be conclusively proved immediately. This ensures that the father gets to visit his child or establish paternity. It is also for allowing the father’s

What is the average settlement for medical malpractice lawsuits?

Medical malpractice cases in trials

A medical malpractice lawyer is worth fair compensation in a medical malpractice case when a reliable healthcare provider causes unnecessary harm to patients. The average out-of-court settlement for a medical malpractice lawsuit is just over $450,000, while the average jury award is now over $1 million. A numerical value when

How do I access the Social Security Death Index?

Searching the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) in One Step website|Social Security Death Master File

Sometimes we need information about the death of a loved one or someone we know to apply for benefits or any other procedure that we need to do. In any case, it is also possible that we have seen a movie or heard something about ancestors and suddenly, we want

Why and How to Get a Duplicate Walmart Receipt

supermarket receipt|Walmart Receipt lookup website

So, you bought something at Walmart, but due to some carelessness, you lost your receipt. Do not worry! You can get a duplicate receipt in this case. There can be many reasons you would want to get one, especially and if you have bought something very valuable and expensive. This duplicate

How to get a new Medicaid ID card


Medicaid is a US government health insurance that helps many low-income people in the country to pay their medical bills. You can access all of these health benefits once you receive your new Medicaid ID card. If you are a citizen and have difficulty purchasing private health insurance there is

How to calculate the assessed value?

assessed value of a house|real estate tax payments in miami

When it comes the time to buy a home it is recommended to know the legal terms and concepts to avoid problems during the process. However, the best option is to have a real estate agent to support you. For example, things like assessed value and fair market price are

How to get a car donated from a dealership

How to get a car donated from a dealership|searching for a donated car

In recent years, more and more dealerships are developing charity programs to donate cars to non-profit organizations and families in needed situations. Even though it is not so common, many dealerships have chosen to help the community while fulfilling their corporate social responsibility with car donations; this practice also provides

How to create bylaws for a nonprofit • Best practices

nonprofit bylaws sample|nonprofit bylaws sample|nonprofit bylaws sample

As we know, a nonprofit’s purpose is to serve the public interest and help the community where it is located. It can be dedicated to health assistance, religion, arts, economy, civil rights, awareness of environmental issues, culture, education, among other areas. By the time of establishing this type of organization,

Top 3 bookkeeping services for nonprofits

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Nonprofits organizations must fulfill certain legal requirements to operate validly, and bookkeeping is one of them; it is something essential to manage its funds. Even though it has differences with profit organizations, bookkeeping in nonprofits determine their accounting model; it analyzes the financial status in a fiscal year (including donations,